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New VIP Protection Instructors in Canada

New VIP Protection Instructors in Canada
August 16, 2016 Laurent Mougeot

After fifty hours of intense training with EIT Jean-Paul Jauffret (Expert 4), nine Krav Maga Instructors received their “VIP Protection Instructor“ certification. This was the first time that the course was offered in Canada and it was a complete success. The participants learned from one of the world’s authority on the subject: Jean-Paul Jauffret spent decades working in third-party protection both for civilians and as a police captain in France, but also in war settings in the Middle East.

First VIP Protection Canadian Instructors

First VIP Protection Canadian Instructors

Congratulations to our new graduates:

Adam Mohamed

Michael Luo

Ben Wallace

Sukri Sharbini

Gabriel Draven

Corie Jo Cushing

Janna lee Cushing

Sam Miloud

Laurent Mougeot

Jean-Paul will be back in August 2017 for the second part of the course, the Silver Shield dealing with armed protection.


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