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  • Anti-Terror Seminar an even bigger success than first edition

    On Saturday, March 23rd, Krav Maga Ottawa hosted the 2nd edition of its Anti-Terror Seminar. The event was sold out…

    by Logan Hewitt
  • Car Seminar

    Saturday, April 27th, 2019 KRAV MAGA IN AND AROUND THE CAR This is an outdoor seminar that takes place mostly…

    by Logan Hewitt

    On Saturday, March 23rd, 2019 Krav Maga Ottawa will hold the second edition of its Anti-Terror seminar at our training…

    by Logan Hewitt
  • Youth Krav Maga at Krav Maga Ottawa

    Krav Maga Ottawa offers classes for youth 8 to 14 year old. Our classes are practical, realistic and fun and…

    by Logan Hewitt
  • Women Self-Defense Seminar

    Violence against women is reaching epidemic levels in Canada and with a justice system that invariably fails to protect its…

    by Logan Hewitt
  • Dirty Fighting Seminar: A complete success!

    On Saturday, October 20th, Krav Maga Ottawa hosted its first edition of the Dirty Fighting Seminar, taught by Head Instructor…

    by Logan Hewitt
  • Dirty Fighting Seminar

    Learn how to end a fight quickly using tactics and deception- with Global Team member and Expert 3 Laurent Mougeot,…

    by Logan Hewitt
  • NEW: Krav Maga for teenagers begins September 8th!

    For the first time, Krav Maga Ottawa is launching a self-defense program for teenagers age 13 to 16. The program…

    by Logan Hewitt

    Krav Maga Ottawa will be offering its very popular Women Self-Defense course (twelve week) in Kemptville, ON in September! When:…

    by Logan Hewitt
  • End Of Season and Rank Test for Kids

    Sunday, July 22nd, Krav Maga Ottawa ran its final rank test of the season for the junior students who tested…

    by Logan Hewitt