• Je pratique le Krav Maga avec beaucoup de plaisir et d’appréciation. Depuis que j’ai commencé ma condition physique s’est grandement amélioré. Je me sens mieux non seulement physiquement, mais aussi à tout autre point de vue. En fait, pour moi le Krav Maga est carrément thérapeutique. La raison est que ce système a été conçu au fil des ans par des gens très dévoués au perfectionnement de leur système. L’aspect psychologique prend une place importante dans la méthode andragogique utilisée. Cette méthode permet d’affronter les peurs que nous portons tous et laisse à l’inconscient une part d’expression qui est souvent réprimée. On y trouve un équilibre intéressant entre le corps et l’esprit qui, au fond, ne forment qu’un. De plus, cette méthode nous permet de développer les réflexes, la coordination, la force, l’équilibre, la vitesse, la perception visuelle et auditive tout en apprenant un système d’auto-défense ayant fait ses preuves dans des conditions de combat réelles. L’instructeur Laurent Mougeot est hors pair. Il saisit bien tant l’aspect physique que psychologique du Krav Maga et enseigne avec compétence et autorité. Je vous conseille vivement d’essayer un cours de Krav Maga pour voir si ça peut vous convenir!

    Pierre B.
  • Krav Maga is a great way to develop confidence and character for any situation in which one does not feel safe, either physically or emotionally. It gets you in better shape, emphasizes a practical way of defending yourself, and through Laurent’s teachings of the key principles, shows you how Krav Maga can provide some major life lessons and personal breakthroughs. The sessions pass by so quickly as for 90 to 120 minutes all you can think about doing is continually focusing on what it takes to remain safe in any situation.

    James C.
  • I am a new student. I was looking to study a ‘no nonsense’, ‘get the job done’, self-defense system. Krav Maga is a perfect fit. The instructor and students are warm and friendly. They made me feel welcome right away. At the same time, they aren’t afraid to rough and tumble. It’s super fun.

    Paul V
  • I started taking Krav Maga a year ago to spend some time doing an activity with my brother and also because I work in an unsafe part of town, finishing most of the time when it’s dark out. I hated doing my sprint to the car worrying about what would happen. Thanks to Krav Maga, I no longer worry about that. I’m more aware of my surroundings, and confident in my ability to get out of, or avoid any situations that may arise. Participating in a class with males also helps to reassure me that I can throw someone off of me who’s twice my size too. An added bonus is that the class has greatly helped my aerobic fitness and strength. All around, it’s been a great decision!

    Jacqueline G.
  • Krav Maga is the best System ever. There’s no katas to learn, it’s all based on your instincts and principles. You’€™ll learn effective ways to defend yourself against multiple attackers carrying weapons (guns, knives, sticks). By taking this class, you will loose weight, strengthen your muscles and improve your cardio. To all women out there, this is the best realistic self-defence class you’€™ll ever take. One thing you ladies should understand is that you should not be afraid to try it out simply because you see a whole bunch of men with high testosterone in the class, it’s exactly what you need to learn to deal with. How often will you face another woman on the street? All of the time, you’€™ll be facing a man with high testosterone. Once you learn how to deal with men from different sizes in this class it’€™ll be a real joke out there for you to defend yourself against the untrained mostly men attackers out there!

    Maleck V.
  • Krav Maga was the top system on my long list when I decided to go for a defence system. Having been working from home for about a year, I was in terrible shape and that quickly started changing! I love the fact that I am learning a skill in a way that is easy to remember and hard to forget. Most techniques are useful and constructive right out the door! Krav Maga will also do a number on your confidence level, flexibility, and stamina! Oh and did I mention that it is literally kick ass!

    Danyael L.
  • I have studied a few martial arts before trying Krav Maga, and I can honestly say that within a few months I felt more prepared to deal with real world situations than in years of learning more mainstream disciplines. Krav Maga’s focus on dealing with realistic threats has made me feel much more prepared to defend myself and my family should such a situation ever arise. Krav Maga class also has the added benefit of being a great workout and a perfect stress release.

    Ryan A.
  • I took Laurent’s Krav Maga class for two years then I had to quit because of schedule. A year after I left, I found myself in a confrontation with three thugs in a parking lot of a coffee shop, they were accusing me of scratching their car and demanding money, obviously an extortion scam. When they got physical and tried to grab me I reacted instinctively with a hammer fist to the throat of the one closer to me-they were so surprised and scared that they got in their car and flew! I was amazed at how Krav Maga just came out even a year after I quit training! I have gained great confidence in myself and in my line of work in a shelter for the homeless I often have to escort out intoxicated people, which I do effectively and without fear, even when they are big, strong men! All women should learn Krav Maga, so that they can walk in peace.

    Karen P.