Bar Fight Seminar

Bar Fight Seminar
September 26, 2017 Logan Hewitt

This seminar, our largest one this spring, will help us kick off the commemoration of Krav Maga Ottawa’s 10th anniversary! It will focus on violent situations that can develop in a bar or night club. We rented the bar “Observatory“ at Algonquin college for the occasion and will be training in a real bar environment, including loud music! The seminar will include:


  • Defending in a narrow, crowded environment
  • Attacks while sitting at the table
  • Using object of the environment
  • Defending against bottles
  • Knife confrontations in a crowd
  • Terrorist attack in a night club


Bar Observatory, Algonquin College, 1385 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa, ON

2.00PM to 5.00PM – IKMF members: $60.00 non-members: $80.00


Registration deadline: October 5th, 2017


E-transfers to easiest way to register



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