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Use of Weapons Seminar in Ottawa

Use of Weapons Seminar in Ottawa
March 20, 2017 Logan Hewitt

On Saturday, March 18th, 2017, Krav Maga Ottawa held a seminar focused on using cold weapons (sticks, knives) at Algonquin College. The course was taught by Laurent Mougeot, Expert 2 and IKMF National Director and was a great success- feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive!

Krav Maga emphasizes the use of anything you can find in your environment for self-defense, and in particular it teaches students how to use a stick as an effective weapon against armed or unarmed opponents – it also teaches the foundation of knife fighting.

Expert Instructor Laurent Mougeot demonstrating how to deflect a straight stab with a stick

Thank you to all participants, we look forward to seeing you at our next event!


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