December 1, 2015 Laurent Mougeot

The world is changing- the recent attacks in Paris and the daily stabbings in Israel are example of a new form of terrorism that is aimed at “soft-targets“, meaning that anyone can become a victim. It is time for all citizens to get ready for such attacks.

In this seminar, the first of its kind in Canada, you will learn:

  • How to move quickly through a frantic crowd
  • How to take someone else to safety
  • How to cope with active shooter scenarios
  • How to take down a gunman
  • How to deal with grenades and other explosives
  • How to survive a hostage situation
  • Much more!

This seminar is taught by Laurent Mougeot, IKMF National Director and Expert Level 2, Law Enforcement and Security certified.


Limited to 26 participants – contact us for details and registration


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