Third-Party Protection seminar in Ottawa

Third-Party Protection seminar in Ottawa
October 26, 2015 Laurent Mougeot

On Saturday, October 24th, 2015, Jean-Paul Jauffret, Expert 3 and member of IKMF’s Expert Instructor Team (EIT), delivered a seminar for 35 Krav Maga students and Instructors- it was a complete success and everyone was thrilled to have the chance to learn close protection from one of the world’s authority on the subject. The seminar included the best techniques to quickly take a VIP to safety, how to quickly intervene to protect someone else against various threats and attacks including armed attacks, and many realistic drills to teach participants to make the proper decisions under stress.

We hope to host Jean-Paul Jauffret again in the future!


Laurent Mougeot
Expert Level 2 IKMF
Krav Maga Ottawa/Head Instructor
Director IKMF Canada
(613)-619-KRAV (5728)


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