Test Results for P1,P2 & P3

March 31, 2012

Test Results for P1,P2 & P3
March 31, 2012 Ian

This Saturday, 28 students of Krav Maga Ottawa and Hull tested for 4 hours and as usual delivered great performances and made their Instructors proud! The test was conducted by IKMF Canada National Director Laurent Mougeot. Here are the results:



Paris Ang
Lynne Grenier
Hannah Bockholt
Phil Radok
Martin Chenard
Mark Wojdan
Paul London
Harvey Walden
James Barton
Charlie McLean
Jenna Drummond-Young
Antoine Desilets
Robert Parungao
Brian Maier
Vivaswat Dalwal
Denis Turkanovic
John Sobzcak
Jonathan Ambroski (Hull)
Andy Lawlor (Hull)

Kyle Pedersen
Tavi Weisz
Glenn Creelman
Anne Bruneau
Marc McArthur
Tarek S. Arab
Taouil El-Hassan
Jason Asche-Jones

Eli Caluori

Congratulations to all! See you on June 23rd for the next test, P1 to G1!


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