Test Results for P1, P2, P3, P4 & P5

Dec 2012

Test Results for P1, P2, P3, P4 & P5
December 15, 2012 Ian

Krav Maga Ottawa conducted the largest rank test so far in Canada. For 7 hours, National Director Laurent Mougeot tested 45 students from Ottawa and Gatineau for the levels P1 to P5. He was assisted by the entire Instructors team, Clovis Lavoie, Xavier Ubeda and Roxana Istratescu. The test took place in the Impact Zone at Algonquin College.


Lukas Lachapelle
Seylor Giroux
Caroline Robert
Amelia Garcea
Scott Minnie
Anly Ha
Michael Kovrig
David Barcley
Arthur Laferriere
Adrianne Vincente
Jeff Regis
Bob Schneider
Ziad Miloud
Emmanuel Ouellette (Gatineau)
Jacob Simard (Gatineau)
Fred Caro (Gatineau)
Fred Hamon (Gatineau)

Ben Wallace
Janone Ong
Adrian Ong
Martin Chenard
Phil Radok
David Chuang
Jason Lallier
Matthew Cleveland
Harvey Walden
Gabriel Jolin-Rodrygue
Robert Parungao
Vivat Daswal
Anthony Giovando
Brian Maier
Sam Miloud
Maxime Sabourin (Gatineau)
Francois Paradis (Gatineau)

Glenn Creelman
Jeremie Valentin (Gatineau)

David Britton
Elly Caluori

Zia Masroor (Gatineau)


Congratulations to all our new graduates! IKMF is getting stronger fast in Canada!


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