IKMF Conversion/CIC2 course June 2022

IKMF Conversion/CIC2 course June 2022
January 31, 2022 Logan Hewitt


Krav Maga Ottawa will be hosting a conversion course this summer, which will also serve as CIC part 2 for IKMF students having completed part 1 anywhere in the world.

What is a conversion course?

It is a ten-day 80 hours course intended for Krav Maga Instructors with various backgrounds, belonging to a wide range of organizations, wishing to join the IKMF and benefit from our experience, Expert team, business support and much more.


Friday, June 17th, 2022 to Sunday, June 26th, 2022


Krav Maga Ottawa- 858 Bank Street, Ottawa,ON, K1S 3S3


$1,750.00 CAD


The course will be taught by GIT Tamir Gilad, Expert level 5 and Head of testing committee in Israel and EIT Laurent Mougeot, Expert level 3, owner and Head Instructor at Krav Maga Ottawa.
This is a unique opportunity to train Krav Maga with two of the highest level and most respected Krav Maga Instructors in the world, with other 60 years of combined experience!

Requirements to participate:

– You must be a certified Krav Maga Instructor from a recognized organization- your individual skills may be evaluated prior to accepting you in the course
– You must have completed part 1 of the IKMF Civilian Instructor Course (CIC) and have approval from HQ.

Upon successful completion of the intense course, you will receive an IKMF Civilian Instructor Diploma and level G1. You will later have access to all of IKMF specialized courses such as Law Enforcement, Military, VIP protection, Women, Kids and more.


Deposit of $1,000.00 CAD before April 1st, 2022

Balance of $750.00 CAD before June 17th, 2022

For details and information contact Laurent Mougeot at kravottawa@gmail.com