Civilian Instructor Course (CIC) Summer 2025 in Ottawa!

Civilian Instructor Course (CIC) Summer 2025 in Ottawa!
April 9, 2023 Logan Hewitt

Become a Krav Maga Instructor!
Krav Maga Ottawa will be hosting a CIC (Civilian Instructor Course) in the summer of 2025.
The CIC is an intense course (20 days) for those Krav Maga practitioners who want to take the next step and start teaching. The course covers:
• Krav Maga curriculum levels P1 to G2
• Methodology of teaching
• Training methods to develop students in the best possible way
• Marketing and how to run a successful school

The course is sanctioned by two days of testing- those who pass will receive an Instructor diploma and G1 level as well as continued coaching and support.
KMO’s CIC is taught by Laurent Mougeot, Krav Maga Expert level 3, former IKMF Global Team Member (and former National IKMF Director for Canada). Laurent has been practicing Krav Maga since 1989 and teaching thousands of people in Ottawa and abroad since 2003. He is an <<Old School>> Instructor who teaches Krav Maga the way it was taught originally.
Part 1: Friday, June 13th,2025 to Sunday, June 22nd, 2025
Part 2: Friday, July 18th, 2025 to Sunday, July 27th, 20245
Both parts will be taught at Krav Maga Ottawa, 858 Bank St. Ottawa, ON

• High level of proficiency in a Krav Maga system
• Ability and willingness to teach others
• All candidates will be independently assessed for qualifications
Deposit: $1,000.00 (October 1st,2024)
Part 1: $1,500.00 (June 1st, 2024)
Part 2: $1,500.00 (July 1st, 2024)
Total: $4,000.00 CAD
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