Sam Miloud

Sam Miloud

Level E1

Sam always had a passion for martial arts. From a young age he began experimenting with different martial arts for self-defence. He quickly realized the difference between fighting in a dojo, and fighting in the street (where there are no rules, and often multiple attackers.) On several occasions throughout his life, he was forced to rely on his fighting skills for self-defence. Frustrated with the lack of practicality of traditional martial arts, he was drawn to Krav Maga upon discovering the IKMF in 2011.

At that point Sam had already been boxing for a couple years. Upon starting Krav Maga he progressed well, given his experiences, and his background. He loved the straightforwardness, and effectiveness of the system. A couple years later in the summer of 2013 he survived his 20-day Instructor course and became an Instructor. Since then he has had the honour and privilege of training under some of the best Krav Maga Experts in the world.

Today Sam continues to train Krav Maga (and also cross-trains in Thai Boxing.) He continuously attends workshops, seminars, and training events by IKMF, and continues to be an active instructor.

In May 2018, Sam traveled to Israel and obtained the level of Expert 1.

Sam’s instructors are:
Laurent Mougeot(Level E3), Clovis Lavoie(Level G5), Xavier Ubeda(Level G5), Shlomi Moyal(Level E3), Jean Paul Jauffret(Level E4), Israel Cohen(Level E3), Tamir Gilad(Level E5), Avi Moyal(Level M2)