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Michael Luo

Michael Luo

Level G4

Michael Luo is an IKMF G4 level civilian Krav Maga instructor as well as Silver shield security and armed bodyguard instructor.
Michael was born in Inner Mongolia, China. He came to Canada by himself in 2014 and he is now studying at the University of Ottawa. Michael took part in many street fights when he was younger and he is no stranger to violence. He learned from experience that the only way to stop violence is to keep yourself strong and confident at all times. Michael started practicing different martial arts at the age of 8. He has trained in Taekwondo, Boxing, Chinese Free Combat, Sanda, Kali as well as Tai Chi and BJJ and he still enjoys learning different fighting systems. As Michael got older, he started to realize that traditional martial arts are very limited when it comes to self-defence in the street; he did some research and found Krav Maga. Luckily, Michael attended the first ever IKMF Krav Maga seminar in China in 2013. He fell in love with this logical, tactical, effective and science-based system. Two years later, in 2015,  Michael took part in the Civilian Instructors Course (CIC) and received his Krav Maga instructor certification in Ottawa.
Michael’s instructors are:
Laurent Mougeot (E2), Tamir Gilad (E5), Jean-Paul Jauffret (E4), Israel Tamir (E4), Israel Cohen (E3), Dan Oren (E2), Clovis Lavoie(E1), Xavier Ubeda (E1).